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It neither flexible body, nor strong core muscles in Yoga Asana practices, but awareness of the present moment.

It does not what reasons made you start your yoga journey. One may have been the physical benefit from regular yoga practice. 


The details on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 3rd limb, the Asana, is to feel strong and secure in the position that you are in, to be ready, alert and confident.


In my teaching one member had suffered a back injury from heavy weight lifting exercises and admitted that he had given 100% effort to it. When you try too hard you MAY not in fact be in the Asana and therefore you have not been practicing yoga correctly.


Several times alignment, balancing and breathing awareness are being used as a tool to help the yoga students slow their pace down and stay in the place and environment of the present moment of Asana. You may neither at a 100% level nor giving 100% effort, but it is your pace and place, and after that moment has gone then you realise the progress that you made.


The Indian sage said applying too much tension to tightly to the Sitra’s strings can raise it to the pitch of the next note or lead to broken strings, whilst loosening it can lower the pitch by the same or make it off tune. The length and tension of the strings are very important.



Health Skilled Yoga in Farnborough, Ace will prepare you the environment and guide you to drift in the safest yoga practicing.

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