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About Us.

Who We Are

Health Skilled was established by Dr Trevor George and Ace Pittapan.

Trevor is a Registered Nutritionist, nutrition scientist and former university lecturer.

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


They realised there was a synergy between nutrition and yoga practice and that this could be utilised to improve people’s diet, physical activity and have a positive effect on their mental health.

They started to work together on combined nutrition and yoga events for their regular clients.

It quickly became evident that there was also an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of many people working in industries where they are in a position to positively influence the health of their own clients. 


Dr Trevor George

Director of Education and Head of Nutrition Training

Trevor is a Registered Nutritionist,

nutrition scientist and university lecturer

Dr Trevor George

Trevor is a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) specialising in nutrition science. He has been a Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine at King’s College London, and a Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Food Science in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University.


For over 15 years, his scientific research focused on the physiological effects of phytochemicals from edible plants on healthy populations and those at risk from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.


He recognised that the results from human dietary intervention trials and laboratory based experiments conducted in the UK and internationally were meaningless unless the general public made changes to their diet and lifestyles. The World Health Organisation estimate that 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented through diet and lifestyle choices. Consequently, he decided to focus his attention on nutrition education, public health nutrition and public engagement with science to help people improve their health or prevent diet-related diseases.

In addition, he has created a half acre edible garden as a teaching resource at his home. There are areas for fruit and vegetable production, decorative edible plants, heritage varieties and unusual edible plants from across the world. He is the third generation to grow edible crops on the property, which started with his parental grandparents commercially growing tomatoes and cucumbers.


Ace Pittapan

Director of Marketing and Head of Yoga Training

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

Ace Pittapan

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK

Before yoga Ace  was part ed of the World Class health related events organiser. Until 2003, he made a decision to start a first yoga practice and after 6 years of disciplinary everyday practice he pursued yoga teaching as his dream career. With the recognition as a senior yoga teacher and trainer accredited Yoga Alliance Professional UK, Ace follow the traditional teaching style 'teach what you practiced' with blend-in modern scientific knowledge solidified yoga mysterious.  

Ace Pittapan Health Skilled Yoga
Yoga Professional UK
Ace Pittapan Health Skilled Yoga
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