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Ace Pittapan

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK

Before yoga Ace  was part ed of the World Class health related events organiser. Until 2003, he made a decision to start a first yoga practice and after 6 years of disciplinary everyday practice he pursued yoga teaching as his dream career. With the recognition as a senior yoga teacher and trainer accredited Yoga Alliance Professional UK, Ace follow the traditional teaching style 'teach what you practiced' with blend-in modern scientific knowledge solidified yoga mysterious.  

Anita Park

I have taken Ace's yoga classes for approximately 4 years now and feel that my body has been given a new lease of life!  He is a wonderful teacher, responsive to the individual needs of his class, adapting his pace to suit specific needs and levels. In class he will quietly adjust an individual alignment or suggest more suitable alternatives.  I am constantly impressed by his dedication to his clients in helping them to improve their practice and, consequently, their health.  My own practice has been limited by a knee injury but he has meticulously researched poses which will aid my rehabilitation and incorporated this into the class routine.  He says he enjoys the challenge to his own teaching!

Alexandra Smith

I’ve attended Ace’s classes for a couple of years, and through his teaching have developed my technique and my confidence has grown. Ace is brilliant at breaking down the moves, making it easy for all levels to participate with options for starters and also for the more experienced. During lockdown Ace has taught via zoom which has been invaluable to me, and has also allowed me to introduce my Mum to Ace’s chair yoga which she enjoys. The atmosphere in class is friendly and relaxed with individuals focusing on their own practice and what is right for them that day. Ace is an excellent teacher for people of all levels!

Vicki Marriner

I started yoga with Ace several years ago after always wanting to try yoga and I am so glad I did. Starting as a complete beginner, Ace made me feel completely comfortable attending his sessions and with his guidance on posture and alignment I feel confident that I am doing the poses correctly and I have really noticed a big improvement in my overall strength, posture and flexibility, as well as it having a general calming effect on me. I really recommend Ace’s classes to anyone wanting to practice yoga.

Jennifer Kelly

Ace's yoga classes are fantastic - they are accessible for beginners but also have plenty of challenging poses for more advanced students. I have been practising yoga with ace for a few years now and really enjoy his teaching style. I always feel great after every class, whether that's online or in person. If you're looking to start or develop your yoga skills I would 100% recommend coming to Ace.

Marion Bamford

I have been attending classes with Ace both online and before Covid in person for a few years now. Ace is a great teacher and has a peaceful and calm approach. He gives good advice on posture and correct alignments for yoga positions. He will give alternatives if you have an injury you are working around. His classes are always very popular and I would recommend anyone to try one.

Louis Sharpley

Thank you for this morning’s class Ace. I’m really enjoying these chair yoga sessions. They’re brilliant for targeting stiff hips, shoulders and knees. I’m benefiting such a lot.

Kristine Richmond

Ace is a fabulous yoga teacher and instructor. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in his field and has the ability to bring the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga together to create and intensely rewarding practice. I have been attending Ace's classes now for over 3 years and have noticed a real difference in my movement and flexibility. I have also undertaken courees with Ace to master the practice and understand the methodology. Highly recommended, 5 *

Magdalena Fuller M.D.

Ace is a fantastic yoga teacher whom I would highly recommend. He takes time to get to know his students, always asks about injuries and other factors that might influence practice prior and provides guidance on where to take care in the practice and to rest if necessary. Ace is able to pitch the intensity of the class to the students that attend and is very flexible in his approach. He is very calm and encouraging. He gives useful advice on how to improve one’s practice and get the most benefit out of it too. Ace has a very soothing voice which is particularly helpful with the meditative parts of the class and he strikes a good balance between silenced and guided meditation during practices. He also provides appropriate and soothing music to accompany the practices which I find very helpful. Outside of the practice, he is always very happy to guide his students in their own yoga practices based on their individual circumstances. Ace’s website is very clear and well laid out.

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