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Age Skilled

Health Skilled

What to expect

As we continue to travel along life’s journey, changes in the ways our bodies work can lead to common health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. We will explore how the foods we eat and the way we move our bodies either make those problems worse or can be used to help prevent them from developing.


In each session, we will look at different parts of the body and explore what can go wrong with them. We will then focus on how we can prevent these problems with food and gentle exercise.


We will start off with a three hour session related to digestion, the way in which our bodies breakdown food to give us energy and absorb essential nutrients. We will explore how our bodies respond to the sugar and starch in our food, how to prevent diabetes, how we can look after the good bacteria in our gut, and how we can prevent problems in our digestive system like colon cancer.


You will learn skills that you can use in your everyday life to make healthier food choices and improve your posture and flexibility.


Series 1: Digestion

How the body absorbs
nutrients from food

This series looks at how the nutrients in the food we eat are broken down, absorbed and stored by our bodies. We will look at practical advice on what we need to eat to stay healthy and prevent common diseases of the digestive system, and the importance of physical activity in keeping our digestive system healthy. 


Session 1a: The digestive system

This session covers how the nutrients in our food are absorbed and stored by the body.


Yoga to stimulate digestion?


Session 1b: Carbohydrates 

This session covers how the body uses carbohydrate and how to prevent diabetes.


Yoga to utilise the glucose (similar to sprinting versus endurance exercise)


Session 1c: How to have a healthy gut 

This session covers the importance of the bacteria in our gut and how to grow the good ones and not the bad ones. Prevention of colorectal cancer. Relief from IBS?


Yoga to move food through the gut?

Health Skilled

Series 2:
Structure and movement

How the body moves

This series looks at how our bodies are built and move. We will look at practical advice on what we need to eat and what exercises to do to support healthy bones and muscles and prevent common diseases that affect our mobility as we get older.


Session 2a: Skeleton (Structure and mineral storage, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, bone density, calcium supplementation?)


Session 2b: Muscles (Movement and protein storage, amount and type of protein for muscle growth, muscle atrophy in older age)


Session 2c: Nerves (How the body controls itself, essential fats for nerve health)

Health Skilled
Age Yoga
Health Skilled Circulation

Series 3: Circulation

How the body moves fluid around

This series looks at how our bodies pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles and organs that need it and how our lungs allow us to breath in oxygen that travels around in our blood and breath out waste carbon dioxide. We will look at how waste products are removed by our lymphatic system, and how depth of breathing and physical activity is vitally important for moving the lymph around.


Session 3a: Heart and blood vessels (atherosclerosis and hypertension)


Session 3b: Lungs and breathing (how smoking affects lung tissue, cancer, COPD)


Session 3c: Lymphatic system (swelling in lower limbs when sitting for long periods)

Health Skilled

Series 4: Protection and Regulation

How the body regulates its metabolism and defends itself against infection

Session 4a: Brain (and cognitive function in old age?)


Session 4b: Glands Thyroid (Iodine) Adrenals (kidney function, linked to salt intake)


Session 4c: Immune system (boosting immunity)

Health Skilled
brain and cognitive
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