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Christmas Dinner

Thursday 30th November 2023, 06.00-08.30pm
The Gallery, Farnborough College of Technology, GU14 6SB
Health Skilled Newsletter

This year Christmas dinner will be on Thursday 30th November 2023 at the same place, the Gallery, Farnborough College of Technology. . Door open 6.00pm. You are required to register at the counter and hosted to the table. 

A 5 course dinner fee is £32 (excluding tips). RSVP here, but please full amount give to Ace in person.

Bind & Open
A 1 day retreat to help you manage with an anxiety.

Saturday 27th January 2024, 09.00-05.00pm
at The Bisley Yurt, GU24 9AR
Early Bird £85 until 30th November 2023, after that £99.- per person.
Bind & Open.jpeg

There are somethings that are beyond explanation. My latest conversation with my scientist friend on this grey area reminded me of the upcoming event that we are planning. During a discussion between Sam, Trevor and I about designing a new retreat a few months ago, we were stuck at how we will pitch it. On one side, we tried to promote the evidence-based health benefits of the retreat. However, on the other side some of us believe that although the scientific proof is important, there is a school of thought that certain foods, singing bowls, and yoga can improve morale and overcome anxiety albeit some of these approaches are unproven.

9.00-9.30 : Arrival 


9.30-11.00am : Ace’s yoga synchronised with sensory meditation, from focusing the eyes, feeling the skin and your bodyweight on the floor, and breathing.


11.00-11:30 Tea and comfort break


11.30-12.00pm : Sam will introduce her singing bowls and the theory behind the benefits of the sounds.


12.00-1.00pm : Trevor will explore how anxiety affects our bodies and how foods and drinks can help reduce these effects. 

1.00-2.00pm : Lunch is served and will include many of the foods we have been discussing. You’ll have an opportunity to put some of your new knowledge of food into practice.


2.00-3.00pm : Trevor will explain how anxiety affects the way the body digests and responds to the foods we eat. He will also highlight how important our gut bacteria are for maintaining our health and preventing diseases. 


3.00 - 3.45pm : Deep stretching with somatic yoga with Ace. The fluid flow between yin and yang energy aims to open the 3rd eye and crown chakra.


3.45-5:00pm : Sam’s singing bowls to calm an anxiety.


5.00pm: Retreat closes.

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