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To every teachers who teach me, and every teachers I am teaching.

Andrea Rimington

 I took Ace’s first TT and loved every minute!

Ace’s style of teaching gave us the opportunity to develop our own teaching style, rather than a standard manufactured one size fits all output.


I’m now teaching 4 regular classes a week and continuing to learn and grow thanks to the foundation Ace gave me.

Eve Wood

I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding from the training so far. 

The fundamentals of Asana and anatomy of yoga and functional anatomy of movements in yoga was very well put together and delivered. It was  very well explained.

The module covering pranayama and vipassana meditation was very interesting .  

The scouting has been really valuable and has led to some very interesting group discussions.

The history and philosophy of yoga has been made easier to understand by group discussions along with the books we have been reading.

I'm really enjoying the training and am thankful for your time and knowledge,


Ayesha Saifie

Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Ace’s teacher training was a wonderful experience that was very informative and personal. It was really beneficial to be able to learn with only a few others and have constant support from Ace throughout the time of the training and even afterwards. He filled us with knowledge, built our confidence and then encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone. It was a real pleasure and a privilege learning from Ace, I would highly recommend his teacher training.

Theresa Howard

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Course

I embarked on this course for personal reasons, not with the idea that I would ever use it to teach a class. How wrong I was..! Ace has unlocked the skills I need to present classes with confidence, knowledge & enjoyment. He is there for me at any time, which is reassuring. We were halfway through the course when lockdown came. We continued via Zoom. By this time I was ready to practice with family and friends. Personally, I feel very lucky to start my teaching virtually. I was forced to perfect my verbal cueing and learnt how to spot misalignments. It was a challenge and I made the most of the time. When we first started, I was so out of my depth (or so I thought) but eventually our weekly lessons/conversations made sense. A highlight was to have Sonia guide us through anatomy & physiology. I highly recommend Ace for anyone wanting to further their yoga skills. His years of knowledge and personal yoga journey are something I will strive towards.

Jennifer Taylor

Ace’s mild manner and expertise soon became evident, as we delved into the science of breathing, smoothly traversed our way in and out of asana’s, strengthening / flexing / twisting, all bring small changes within, so subtle, that they might easily be missed. Until one day, standing on your mat, you realised you feel grounded, at ease and, just for the next hour, nothing else matters, no matter how arduous or grave the situation externally, internally you are at one with yourself and fellow yogis. All there to practise the one thing we have in common-yoga !!!


Thank you Ace, for extending your expertise and courage, to be at liberty to offer a yoga apprenticeship, for this wishing to teach others, or just to extend their own knowledge thus aiding their understanding of this ancient practice.


Ace’s courses /  apprenticeship / retreats are well worth the investment, as his guidance insight and knowledge are delivered in a pleasant, authentic ambience, to guide you on your journey, to where you need to be. 


With gratitude and friendship

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