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Programme Overview

Key features of the training programme:

  • Flexibility in the duration of the course. The time to complete the course is between 6 weeks for the intensive Accelerator pathway and up to 18 months for the Part-Time pathway 

  • The 200 hours can include prior relevant training. Students must complete 200 hours of training to complete the course, which includes some self-study, but can also include credit from previously approved relevant education such as a recognised qualification in anatomy.

  • Hybrid learning opportunities to complete the course. The course features a hybrid studying style enabling it to be completed entirely online, in person on-site, or as a blend of online and on-site after discussion with Ace

  • Flexibility in the cost of the course depending on how long you take to complete it. You can expect the total budget to be between £2500 and £3000 depending on the duration taken to complete the course. 

  • Peer-to-peer learning. Once you start on the course you will become part of Ace’s YTT alumni of previous and current students. This gives you the opportunity to learn and discuss aspects of yoga and teaching with a larger group people who have gone or are going through the same journey as you.

Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Trainer Pro with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. He created his Yoga Teacher Training Programme by blending his own characteristic vinyasa flow and therapeutic yoga teaching styles with his first-hand experience of different yoga teacher training delivery patterns. 

He decided to take his first steps to becoming a yoga teacher 6 years after his first yoga class. He completed a certified 260-hour Master of Practice course with Adrian Cox, which was conducted at weekends over a 9-month period. Later in the same year, he completed a 4-week intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Larry Schultz. 

On the first day of the Master of Practice course, Adrian asked everyone what their motivation was for taking the course. Ace’s answer was that he wanted to use yoga as an alternative form of rehabilitation for people with impaired mobility. Since then, throughout his yoga teaching journey he has sought more knowledge so that he can help others to improve their own health and he has chosen to go deeper into what techniques can be used by those who practice yoga with him.

Ace has chosen to expand on what he has learned and rather than going in depth with the members in his yoga classes, he decided to go horizontal and train people to teach yoga. This is when the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Foundation course started to develop. He like’s to have this 200 hours course just as a foundation, a simple white canvas for yoga where new potential yoga teachers can draw their own future journey.  Therefore, he doesn’t just provide classic Yoga, but also modern yoga blended with science, some extra tips from industry specialists, and some trouble shooting for issues that can occur when you are teaching. One says the real journey begins not when you take the YTT but once you first start your teaching. Ace encourages his students to teach and he shall continue mentoring them as a teacher and as a friend.

Further details of the hybrid learning options for the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Trainee Programme:

  • For distance learners, you can complete the course fully online via live streaming on Zoom, with some pre-recorded and post-recorded sessions for reviewing prior to live sessions or to catch up any missed sessions. This is suitable for students who are not within travelling distance of Farnborough, Hampshire, UK or students who prefer to study in their own environment.

  • For those that prefer in person teaching, the course can be completed on-site with full contact at the teaching venue near Farnborough, Hampshire.

  • A hybrid option of a blend of on-site and online is also available. Ace understands that from time to time students will have personal situations that disrupt their study. Students registered for on-site study can also study with live stream on Zoom as an alternative when needed.

  • Flexible hours of studying allow students to accelerate the time to complete the course to within 6 weeks or stretch it up to 18 months. This is dependent on the trainee’s own time and financial capacity.

  • Most classes and mentoring will be on a 1-to-1 basis, within the cost of £2500-£3500 per programme per trainee. The cost for each trainee will obviously depend on the structure of the teaching agreed with each trainee.

  • Trainees must complete a required 200 hours syllabus to earn certification by Ace Pittapan. However, some previous training may count as credited hours if proof of certification and details of material covered is provided. 

  • The registration fee is £200 and the final examination fee before certification is £300. These are included in the budget of £2500-£3500 referred to above

Please contact Ace with any questions and for further discussion at

This 200 hours Foundation Programme by Ace Pittapan consists of 200 hours. The students will receive 200 hours Teacher Training by Ace Pittapan, approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK.


The programme is based on a solid understanding of body and mind, consisting of asana practice, knowledge of functional anatomy and anatomy of movements, pranayama, meditation through the arts of Vipassana, Patanjali yoga sutra, discussion of yoga history and philosophy, teaching essentials, and marketing for a yoga teacher in business. 


Ace has blended his experience from years of teaching yoga with what he has learned from attending a yoga apprentice programme and an intensive yoga teacher training programme since 2009, and several CPD programmes. 


*This programme includes mentoring during the study period and also for 1 year post certification.





The programme is delivered in both weekday and weekend formats. Some sessions are Pre-Recorded only, some sessions are Live online only, and some sessions are available in person, Live online, and post-recorded.

Please see the Training Timetable. 


3 attendance options ; 

  • Students can attend in person, normally no more than 2 students at the same time, if there are more than 2 students attending the training at the same time, the venue will be changed (students are required to give advance notice to Ace for their in person attendance at the registration). 

  • Students are also able to attend Zoom Live from their home, and

  • Students can review their practice or follow up from the post-recorded Live sessions.



*Students also have access to Ace's online yoga sessions on Zoom, and his post-recored sessions.


Post training mentoring

As part of our commitment to produce the finest teachers we feel it is important that our students have access to a supportive mentoring programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, new yoga teachers certified by Ace Pittapan are welcome to participate in the following year’s online Programme.





Applicants must have at least two years of consistent yoga practice experience. A letter of recommendation from a yoga teacher may be required with the application. 


Certification as a Yoga Teacher from Ace Pittapan is not automatic and will require preparation and examination after the last day of the course.





Programme designed in two parts



Part I : Master of Practice

Module 1, 2, 3



Module 1 :  Fundamentals of Yoga 

This module covers the History of Yoga in brief, and the exploration of the 8 limbs of Patanjali’d Yoga Sutra through the practice of Astanga of Sri Pattabhi Jois.


Build an understanding of yoga from the perspective of a day one student, study from the beginner level from Yama, Niyama, Asanas Pranayama to Samathi. This module will build up the understanding of the interaction between the physical body and the mind.


Ace uses a Vipassana meditation technique to strengthening the bridging of Pranayama in his own practice, which often merges into his teaching. Students learn to understand the simplicity of Vipassana meditation and how to use it to enhance their practice. 

Module 2 : Modern Yoga 

To understand the benefit of yoga to our physical body. Ace adapted this module to explain yoga’s Asanas practice with science. Students will learn to break down Asanas with physical functional, anatomy of movements, and how to protect yourself from injury. 

Module 3 : Scouting and Mentoring 

Developing individual teaching style


*This module starts from Day 1 until the completion of the programme.


Students are encouraged to practice different styles of yoga from different teachers. Ace provides 6 contact hours of mentoring. The aim of this mentoring is to clarify any questions that students may have in their scouting, encourage students to find yoga styles that complement their lifestyle, challenge students to step out of their comfort zone, and deepening their knowledge of yoga. Students will also have complimentary access to the full range of online classes with Ace during the teaching apprentice training. 


Part II : Train to Teach


Module 4, 5, 6


Module 4 : Train to Teach I 

Trouble Shooting


Ace provides several tips he has unearthed and uncommon foundation knowledge into this module. Students will have the chance for Questions and Answer sessions and a few Trouble Shooting sessions before heading on the road. This includes Physical and Verbal Adjustments, Chinese Meridians, Somatics in Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety, Online Yoga Classes Settings, and Marketing.  

Module 5 : Train to Teach II 


Introduction to teaching One-on-One or Two or Three, including sequencing techniques that reflect Yin and Yang energy, asanas and counter asanas, pacing and voice control.


*Requirement for entry : Completion of Modules 1, 2, and 4.


This module has a hands-on approach to teaching practice to enable students to deliver classes of different lengths and themes given by Ace. Ace will observe and give feedback after each teaching practice session. 

Students are encouraged to try different teaching techniques i.e Asanas practice, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra to keep their flow smooth. 

Module 6 : Train to Teach III 


Teaching Skills & Communication and teaching techniques for a larger class.


*Requirement for entry : Completion of Module 5


This module starts as a group study. Students learn how and when to give their own students the best adjustments in any yoga pose, how and when to give verbal adjustments and when to give physical adjustments (guiding and cueing for Online sessions).


This module is to strengthen the knowledge from Module 5 and expand the One-on-One teaching skills to larger class sizes with mixed ability students. 


The teaching techniques include rapport and recognising students who need special attention, and how to teach a group class that makes students feel like they just had a private class. This module will also include basic marketing knowledge for a yoga business.



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