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Please note, the application will only be completed once the £500 deposit has been paid. Please look at my reply for bank transfer information to complete the application. Thank you, Ace Pittapan

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1  When I carry out any yoga assessments and exercise questionnaires I may identify possible problems with you taking part in Ace Pittapan Yoga Teacher Apprentice programme (this programme) and recommend that you get medical advice. I am not responsible if you ignore my recommendations and continue to exercise.

2  By law, I do not have to pay you compensation for any service, facility or equipment not being available for health and safety reasons or if it is for your personal benefit.

3  By law, I do not have to pay you compensation for loss or damage you may suffer unless I have failed to carry out my duties under a reasonable standard or I break any duties by law.

4  I will not pay you compensation if I have failed to carry out my duties due to:

4.1  Your own fault;

4.2  The fault of someone else who is not directly connected to this programme with providing our services under these terms and conditions; or

4.3  Events which I could not have known about beforehand even if I had taken all reasonable care.

5  I can make changes to the type of facilities I provide, and I will give you notice of any such changes. I will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by these changes unless the loss or damage is caused by my negligence.

6  You should consult your doctor before you start any exercise programme or class if you are not sure whether it is suitable.

7  I cannot accept liability for loss or damage to you or any other person property in the venue or the car park associated with this programme (the Parsonage Farm Infant School)  unless that loss or damage was caused by my negligence.

8 The student is to understand that from time to time during this programme, the instructor may physically adjust students from the posture. If you do not want such physical adjustments, you will inform the instructor at each class you attend. You also acknowledge that if you do wish to receive such physical adjustments, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor.

9  Subject only to section 10, in no event shall my total liability to you for any one event or series of related events exceed the sum of 100% of the total amount paid by you for your membership and/or the services giving rise to the liability in the 12 months preceding the first incident out of which the liability arose.

10  Despite these terms and conditions, I will be liable for death, personal injury or fraud where I am at fault.


I have read the above terms and conditions of liability and fully understand the contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above under my own free will.

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