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"The yogi uses the athleticism

of practicing the Asanas and Pranayama

as a tool to drip into

the serenity of the inner mind."


The fee for yoga class with Ace on of his team teachers starts from £45 per session of 60-90 minutes depending on distance. Please contact Ace for further discussion.

For Yoga Teaches ; the Private session also include extra mentoring on Anatomy, Movements for Physical Rehabilitation and Yoga for Anxiety.   

CPD workshops

Ace Pittapan - Health Skilled Co-Founder

Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK

Yoga is from Sanskrit, the word means yolk.

Practicing yoga encompasses five layers of the body together.          


Annamaya is the outer sheath, our muscles and bones.

Pranamaya is a life force, respiratory, digestion, circulation and drainage systems,

Manomaya is the sense of perception

Vijnanamaya is morality, the ability to respond to situations with moral considerations

Anandamaya is the moment of liberation, consciously aware of the uniting of all five layers.



Tracy Clement

Chief Executive Director

Creating Futures Charity, Farnborough

As a relative newcomer to yoga I hoped for a patient, kind and understanding instructor and Ace certainly fits the bill. His classes are brilliant, he takes the time to pay attention to everyone, from absolute beginners through to the most advanced. Rather than just demonstrating or explaining asanas he makes sure to adjust your positioning so that you truly understand what you should be doing. He also challenges you through adjustments, knowing what you are capable of through careful observation. Finishing the class to his gentle voice during savasana leaves you feeling blissful! I really do feel extremely fortunate to have found Ace and cannot recommend his classes highly enough. He really has helped me to fall in love with yoga.”