I am visiting my mum again in Feb 2023. 

It was 3 years ago since before COVID-19, I have seen my mum last time. As same as met last visit, I setup a Yoga Retreat & Leisure and have some friends travel around Thailand with me. 

Between 22nd -27th Feb 2023 the retreat will be set on one of Andaman Beaches. There also will be a friendly leisure before and after that as it is part of my visiting Thailand and you are welcome to join.

Retreat & Leisure
in Thailand 2023

Date : 22nd-27th February 2023 (5 nights 6 days)

Location : one of the Andaman Beaches

Budget : £750 (please be aware that the budget is estimated from figures in 2019. The real price will be confirm shortly, and before the end of June 2022). 

As Thailand is still in its lockdown, and not yet fully opened its borders. Ace had reserved 10 rooms to accommodated 20 people including himself and friends to his local network. There were some reserved, but there are few room still available to book no with 50 % or £350 deposit.


  1. The deposit will be noted with receipt issued by Ace. This is to guaranteed your booking. You can cancel and received the full amount of refund 6 months before the retreat date. e.g., end of September. The deposit is fully transfer able with your consent. 

  2. Your deposit is for Shared 2 occupancies only. If you wished to have a single room, there will be an extra cost for room. Ace can give you details once received confirmation from hotel.

  3. The balance of payment shall be received once price is confirmed, and not after end of January 2023.

Including : shred 2 occupancies in the 3 star hotel with breakfast, 2 of yoga sessions per day with Ace and his yoga teacher friend.

Excluding :  Airfare, domestic transfers, local transportations, lunch and dinner.

Yoga Instructors



Ace is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trainer accredited Yoga Alliance professionals UK


Before yoga Ace was part ed of the World Class health related events organiser. Until 2003, he made a decision to start a first yoga practice and after 6 years of disciplinary everyday practice he pursued yoga teaching as his dream career. With the recognition as a senior yoga teacher and trainer accredited Yoga Alliance Professional UK, Ace follow the traditional teaching style 'teach what you practiced' with blend-in modern scientific knowledge solidified yoga mysterious. 


Ace born in Thailand, and lived in Thailand until 2011. He is currently living in Farnborough, UK.



Vindie is a Senior Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance International / France


Vindie has practiced yoga since 2003.

While Ace modernised his yoga practice, Vindie stay deeply into the traditional root. Her practiced and Trained included.

TTC  Hot Yoga @Absolute yoga studio. (2005)

TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa @ Nirvana yoga shala, Mysore , India. (2018)

TTC  Ashtanga Vinyasa @ Yoga Darshanam ,Mysore, India. (2018

 Certificate of Completion Ashtanga Vinyasa series ,India Yoga , Mysore India. (2018)


Vindie born in Thailand, and lived in Thailand until 2020. She is currently living in France.

few places that ace may go after retreat, and you are welcome to join. 

Hat Yai

Hat Yai is the largest city in southern Thailand, located near the border of Malaysia and populated by nearly 800,000 Thais. Hat Yai is located in Songkhla province and, while not the provincial capital, is home to The Prince of Songkhla University, making it Southern Thailand’s educational centre as well as the south’s heart of transportation, commerce, and tourism.


Regional attractions include Songkhla Lake (the largest in Thailand), an enormous reclining Buddha that visitors can walk inside, the Bhasawang Big Splash (a 15-meter long water slide), and the region’s most popular spectator sport, bullfighting. The area is also home to Nakhon Hat Yai Park. The cable car rides are a must if you are in the area. 


Hat Yai’s diverse population of Chinese, Malays, and Thais. Hat Yai also features a multitude of markets, both local and international in style, and has a festive NIGHTLIFE, including pubs and discos that are particularly popular with tourists from neighbouring Malaysia.


Songkhla is a peaceful province. Local people have a simple lifestyle. It is different from Hat Yai which is the commercial center of the province. There are beautiful ancient buildings in Chino-Portuguese art style on NakornNai, NakornNok, Nang Ngam, and Yala Roads. 


Songkhla City Shrine is a Chinese-style shrine on Nang Ngam Road. It was built at the same time when Songkhla City was established. Nang Ngam road is also the center of local food and Thai food mage by local people that you can buy as souvenirs such as "Samopannee", "Thong Muan", "Thong Plub", and "Tao Huay". The shop has been doing these desserts for over 50 years. The shop is located opposite to the shrine. You can also taste the original Thai dessert named "Khao Too" here. Songkhla is famous for its quiet long and beautiful sandy beach Samilah and bridge to Koh Yor the fisherman village.





Famed throughout Asia for its heady mix of eastern cultures, Penang Island is Malaysia’s prime melting pot. Roadside vendors serve some of the world’s best street food; its national parks offer white-sand beaches and wildlife; and UNESCO-listed George Town is full of colourful heritage houses.