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Diet consultation

30 minutes free Online Consultation

An initial meeting to discuss your health needs and concerns

Please complete the Initial Enquiry Form and we will get back to you to arrange your online consultation.

What will happen during my appointment?

We will talk about your current health symptoms and concerns, what you are hoping to achieve with your health, and ask you questions about your current health, wellbeing, the foods you eat, and your lifestyle.


Sometimes, we will be able to give you advice, recommendations or direct you to resources you can use during this appointment. Otherwise, we can agree a longer term plan, analyse your current diet, make appropriate changes to the foods you eat and your lifestyle, and have follow up appointments to track your progress.


What happens next?

If you require a more detailed assessment of your diet, advice on what changes to make and follow up appointments to check your progress, we can arrange these after your initial consultation. 


We will summarise our suggested approach to helping you meet your goals and we will create an action plan together to help you achieve this. 

The number of follow up appointments will depend on your long term health goals and how much support and guidance you will need.

Future appointments may be online or in person.

Initial Enquiry Form
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Questions to ask before consultation

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