"The yogi uses the athleticism

of practicing the Asanas and Pranayama

as a tool to drip into

the serenity of the inner mind"

Ace Pittapan

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Since Covid-19 Lockdown started, I have save my Online Classes teaching for members to want to practice at their own time. 

Accessible to all On-Site Gold Members, 10 times/3 months, and Library Members.


The Parsonage Farm School has private parking for more than 20 cars, and its Cherry Blossom Hall is 7x12 metres allowing for 12 perfectly distanced spaces for yoga mats and practitioners. 

Yin Yang Yoga every Monday 6.30-7.30pm and Saturday 9.30-10.30am, and Chair Yoga every Wednesday 9.30-10.30am.


There will be a monthly special event for members to attend, check out the Health-Skilled Monthly Newsletters.  

Yoga On-Site Gold and Yoga On-Site 10 times / 3 months package members can access the Yoga Library free of charge by using their login.


We try to do at least one retreat locally a year, and one overseas every other year. However, sometimes it is not as we planned, as we always want to give the very best to our members within an affordable price, and a safe and practical environment. Therefore, we were unable to offer any retreats in 2020.


Our previous retreats were in Midhurst, UK 2016 and 2018; Bramley, UK 2017; Riparbella, Tuscany, Italy (2017); and Chiang Mai, Thailand (2019).


“If there is a wall there is a wall, but if you have the will there is a way”. 

Time and money are precious commodities during the difficult period we are currently experiencing. 

Several prospective students have asked how flexible they can be with the time and budget for their yoga teacher training. 

Ace’s Win-Win solution is his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainee Programme, which comes with more flexibility in time and budgeting. 

It can also include recognition of students’ prior learning on relevant previously approved education courses. These could count towards the 200-hours and is open to discussion with Ace. 

The Parsonage Farm School

GU14 9TT